Money Plant Vastu. It is said that the southeast direction owner is lord ganesha and the planet that rules is venus. The money plant filters the air and makes it purer to breathe.

Divine Vastu Tips Plants and Trees to Keep in Your House for Wealth
Divine Vastu Tips Plants and Trees to Keep in Your House for Wealth from

1 let’s understand its importance and list out the reasons why every home needs to have at least one money plant. Let us talk about 5 unique vastu money plant tips and know a little more about them: Money plant benefits keeping money plant in home is also considered to bring good luck and prosperity.

Apart From The Knowledge Of The Direction While Building A House, Many Rules Have Been Made In Vastu And Astrology Regarding The Things To Be Kept In It.

The north and east walls are also not suitable for money plant. According to vastu shastra, it should be planted in a sharp corner of your room — most preferably, the southeast corner. And by misfortune, we mean bad financial health.

A Withering Money Plant Brings Misfortune In The Form Of Financial Problems.

The manure should only be provided to the money plant during the night time as in the day time, high chances are present which can result in the formation. However, to retain positive affects it is also important to take care of the plant. It is also said that the money plant purifies the air, increases the oxygen flow,.

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They must be followed by people who are. The money plant is one of them. Never keep money plant in the north east or ishan kon of the house.

Don’t Let The Money Plant Dry.

It is crucial to know the money plant in which direction as per vastu. As per vastu shastra, the money plant should always be inside the house, never grow it in the garden area. This helps in attracting prosperity and keeping negative energy away.

As Per Vastu, The South East Direction Is Owned By Lord Ganesha And Is Associated With Venus (Planet).

Money plant paves way for multiple sources of income when you place it in the right direction according to vastu shastra. Taking care of the money plant is equally important. Tips to care for money plant.

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