Tulsi Plant Care. Dried tulsi plant is considered a symbol of bad luck. It is a plant of ocimum genus.

7 important points जल्दी बढ़ेगी तुलसी ऐसे लगाएं, Tulsi plant care YouTube
7 important points जल्दी बढ़ेगी तुलसी ऐसे लगाएं, Tulsi plant care YouTube from www.youtube.com

Tulsi plant care in summer. It is a annual herb that may grow up to 3 feet. Prune tulsi as needed throughout the year to control its size and promote bushier and more compact growth.

Tulsi Plants Love Warm Weather And Cannot Handle Cold Temperatures That’s Why Tulsi Plant Dies In Winter Mostly.

Drying of tulsi plant is not considered auspicious. Place leaves in an oil covered bowl with the ear, pudina, kalpida, tulsi, neem leaves and lavender. Tulsi may need to be watered twice a day in hot, sunny weather, especially if the plant is outside.

How To Save Tulsi Plant From Dying?

When your seedlings are 3 inches tall, spread coarse mason sand to a depth of 2 inches over the soil around the plants. Move tulsi plant indoors in the. It has uncountable benefits in human body.

How To Grow Tulsi Plant | Care And Growing Holy Basil.

Apply balanced liquid fertilizer once in four weeks but reduce the fertilization after the growing season. Since tulsi plant is really important, it is necessary for the hindus to. How to care for tulsi plant.

If You Are Planning To Bring Home Tulsi Plant, Then You Must Scroll Through Our Tulsi Plant Care Guide!

Transfer the cuttings to a pot of soil when the roots begin to grow. Once established, holy basil won’t need much care. How to care for tulsi plants?

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Place The Tulsi Seeds On Top Of The Potting Mix And Tamp Them For Good Soil To Seed Contact, Cover The Seeds With 1/4 Inch Layer Of Potting Mix.

Adding fresh or dried tulsi leaves to food as a seasoning or garnish. Most of the indians grow these plants in their houses and worship this plant. As it helps to keep salts from building up in the ground.

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